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Apex Analytics staff have authored numerous peer reviewed papers, publications, and has presented at all of the major conferences for the past two decades. Read some of our work below.

"Tell Your Thermostat to Tell the Energy Efficiency Team that it's Doing Demand Response Today: Results from Digital iDSM," AESP 2020 National Conference, February 2020. Presentation 

"When to Turn the Lights Out: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Retail Lighting," SWEEP Energy Efficiency Workshop 2019, November 2019. Presentation

"Insights into EISA 2020: A Gradual Decline or a Steep Cliff?," AESP Brown Bag, November 2019  Presentation

"Smart Enough to Reprogram Itself: Results from Thermostat Setpoint Optimizations Programs,"  IEPEC 2019, October 2019  Presentation

"One Size Does Not Fit All: As Assessment of NEEA's Midstream RPP Efforts,"  IEPEC 2019, October 2019  Presentation

"Beyond the Standards", AESP Brown Bag, April 2019  Presentation

"Five Reasons Why Lighting Programs Still Make a Difference," Energy Star Partners Meeting,  October 2017  Presentation

"Squeeze Every Last Drop: An Evaluation of Nest Seasonal Savings,"  Behavioral Energy & Climate Change Conference, October 2017  Presentation

"Cost-Effectiveness Testing," IEPEC 2017, August 2017  Presentation

"The Impact of Incentives on ENERGY STAR Lamp Sales: Looking Back and Looking Forward, "  Energy Start Partners Meeting, October 2016  Presentation

"Thriller in Asilomar," ACEEE Summer Study 2016, August 2016.  Paper Presentation 

"The Impact of Upstream Lighting Incentives as Measured Through Sales Data," AESP 2016 National Conference, February 2016. Paper Presentation

"Just How Smart: A look at Energy Trust of Oregon Nest Thermostat Pilot Program," AESP 2015 National Conference, February 2015. Paper Presentation

"And in this Corner, the Reigning Champion Coming in at 800 Lumens," AESP 2015 National Conference, February 2015. Paper Presentation

"Point-of-Sale Data for Lighting and Beyond - A Game Changer is Here!" AESP 2015 National Conference, February 2015. Paper Presentation

"Effective Partnering Strategies for Small Utilities," AESP 2015 National Conference, February 2015. Paper Presentation

"Midterm Results from EISA 2007," ACEEE Summer Study 2014, May 2014. Paper Presentation

"Reducing Evaluation Uncertainty in Large Custom Projects," IEPEC 2014, September 2014. Paper Presentation

"Are Savings from Behavior Programs Ready for TRM Prime Time?" IEPEC 2013, September 2013. Paper Presentation

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