Jane Colby

Jane Colby, an Apex Analytics principal, manages planning studies, potential assessments, market research, and program and portfolio evaluations. Ms. Colby has over 25 years of leadership experience in the energy industry, in which she led integrated resource planning (IRP) and demand-side management (DSM) planning and cost-effectiveness studies, managed evaluation studies, market characterization assessments, market research studies, negotiated power purchase agreements, traded electricity in forward and spot markets, and testified on DSM and IRP at regulatory hearings.

Ms. Colby led a distributed resource assessment for Burbank Water and Power’s IRP and developed an IRP report for Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM), which included writing and organizing the IRP report to best communicate the approach, studies and results to a wide audience of stakeholders. The study also included advising and reviewing PNM’s modeling approaches for integrating demand-side options, uncertainty analysis, and choosing the best plan. Ms. Colby managed several portfolio evaluations including for Ameren Missouri, Ameren Illinois, Xcel Energy, and Independent Energy System Operator of Ontario (IESO)

for a wide variety of programs and sectors. She also led several DSM potential studies including for Colorado Springs Utilities, the State of Minnesota, Vermont Pubic Service Department, and Tri-State G&T. Ms. Colby led a renewable market assessment project for Xcel Energy and a solar market research study for Energy Trust of Oregon.

Before joining Apex Analytics in 2020, Ms. Colby was a Principal at Cadmus leading a variety of consulting studies in DSM evaluation, planning, and market assessments. She has also worked as senior vice president and manager for El Paso Merchant Energy, where she developed, negotiated, and managed the execution of complex power transactions involving power assets and long-term contracts. Ms. Colby also worked for Xcel Energy in various capacities including IRP Manager, DSM Manager, Manager of Wholesale Electricity Trading, Project Engineer, and Market Research Analyst.

Ms. Colby has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University and an M.S. in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health.