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Jon Koliner

Lead Data Scientist


During his four-year tenure in energy efficiency, Dr. Jon Koliner has accelerated to the leading edge of data analysis and evaluation techniques. He draws on experience that spans data science, behavioral science, and physical science to quantify impacts and opportunities for energy efficiency programs. Dr. Koliner is skilled in machine learning for propensity modeling and customer segmentation, regression analysis of billing, AMI, and smart device data, and the construction of automated software tools for functions from portfolio planning to plug-level device analysis. He performs analyses in R, Python, and Julia, and is proficient with many additional software tools and programming languages.


Jon has evaluated and supported planning for a dozen smart thermostat and smart home programs, both for energy efficiency and demand response. He developed streamlined procedures to standardize impact analysis for home energy reports and conducted the analysis for multiple innovative efforts to assess program effects, from energy impacts to behavioral changes. In his analyses, Jon routinely leverages his research expertise from his doctoral and post-doctoral work.


Jon has a doctorate in Physics from UW-Madison, and bachelor’s degrees in Physics and French from Arizona State University.

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