Keari Bell-Gawne


Keari Bell-Gawne is an Associate at Apex Analytics, where she leverages her experience in software development and design thinking to help her utility clients focus on the customer journey to increase program participation. She has worked with utilities nationwide for the past six years to develop research plans and implementations to help them reach their efficiency goals. Her past work includes creating and testing customer facing applications to help residential customers manage their energy use, running design thinking workshops with community members, implementers and utility staff to develop better program support for low-income and non-English speaking populations, and conducting pilot evaluation studies on smart home pilots and services. Keari has a long history working with national corporations both in her work with corporate sustainability in Wisconsin, and in her process and impact evaluations for the Commercial and Industrial sector. She is proficient in survey design and methodology, focus groups, in depth interviews, design thinking, software management, and agile and scrum processes as well as SPSS, R, Excel, and Stata for analysis. 

Recently Keari led the qualitative process and survey research for Xcel Energy’s Midstream Lighting Program, and has worked alongside four thermostat manufacturers, local utilities and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) to develop the user opt-in flows and websites for a large, regional, collaborative thermostat study.


Before joining Apex analytics in 2020, Keari was a managing consultant at ILLUME Advising where she led customer journey mapping and design thinking workshops to help some of the largest national utilities think outside the box to develop innovative customer engagement models. While Keari specialized in customer experience, she also led large evaluation studies with rigorous net-to-gross impact analysis.


Prior to joining ILLUME, Keari worked as the product lead at Cool Choices, where she worked with large national utility clients and national corporations to run behavioral interventions for energy efficiency. In her time at Cool Choices, Keari created behavioral TRMs and increased customer engagement in an online social environment to promote energy efficiency through social norming and gamification. She also helped run the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council where corporate industry leaders come together to tackle the most pressing sustainability challenges.

Keari holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Environmental Studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.