Liz Rain

Liz Rain picture.jpg

Liz Rain is a senior analyst at Apex Analytics, where she brings her unique background in qualitative research, science, and teaching to help clients extrapolate data to better understand what makes a program successful. 


Before joining Apex Analytics in 2021, she worked for six years in education research.  During this time, she built and utilized her skills in research, survey design, and analysis to assess pedagogy effectiveness and student/instructor experiences.  She is also proficient in interview/focus group protocol design and analysis, statistical analysis, and programs such as: JMP, SPSS, MaxQDA, NVivo, Excel, and R. 


Liz has been working on NEEA Retail Products Portfolio in supporting with coding and analysis of interview data.  She has also been providing support with the target market assessment of RPP products.  Liz is also leading a novel qualitative study of Xcel Energy Efficient Lighting program.  This study will use a smartphone application which uses short surveys and videos to map customer journeys.  She has also been assisting in the development of an interview instrument that will be gauging experiences of property managers and owners with the Consumers Energy Multifamily Program. 


Liz holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Biology with a focus on Education Research, both degrees from Portland State University.