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Noah Lieb

Noah Lieb

Project Director


Noah brings with him over eighteen years of diverse experience in the energy industry. He has managed an electric fuels forecasting service, developed long-term supply and distribution models for the electricity sector, and led quantitative potential and multiyear planning and electrification models for utilities across the country. Noah has also served as the database manager for energy program evaluations for the states of California, Wisconsin, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Texas. He’s proficient in SAS, Stata, and Web-based programming, and has managed the technical development and analysis for multiple conjoint survey studies.

In addition to contributing statistical and quantitative data analysis, Noah conducts extensive market research, develops new techniques for data management, prepares and leads client presentations, facilitates enterprise-wide database integration, and is a project manager extraordinaire.

Before joining Apex, Noah was a senior associate at the Cadmus Group (formerly Quantec LLC), where he managed large portfolio evaluations specifically focused on database integration and management. He also led several residential lighting and appliance conjoint studies, potential studies, cost-effectiveness analysis, and residential lighting hours of use studies.

Noah holds a bachelor’s degree in honors international economics and business, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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