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Electric Vehicle Managed Charging Workshop to Empower Utilities and Grid Managers

November 1, 2023 BOULDER, CO.

Press release

Effectively managing electric vehicle (EV) charging times will be essential in order to optimize grid integration and create cost efficiencies as we experience a rapid rise in electric transportation. In response to this pressing need, we are pleased to announce the two-part Electric Vehicle Managed Charging Programs & Strategies online workshop, scheduled for November 30th and December 7th, 2023, with two 90-minute sessions.


This comprehensive training session will equip participants with the knowledge and resources to develop actionable EV managed charging programs and plans by exploring available technologies, data, applications, and existing program designs. Drawing upon the experience gained from delivering programs for major U.S. utilities over the past three years, including over 50 load management events, workshop participants will gain a deep understanding of:

  • Proven methods for implementing both active load management and behavioral programs, including case studies of existing utility EV load management initiatives and the valuable lessons derived from them.

  • Factors to be considered in program design, such as customer experience, baseline data, sample sizes, adoption rates, and incentives.

  • Technologies and analytics available to manage EVs, including vehicle telematics, and EV Supply Equipment (EVSE), and AMI data disaggregation, along with their benefits and limitations.

  • Essential elements for planning EV programs, including the data and information needs and addressing program performance questions effectively.

  • Key issues in data collection, data security, and data analytics. 

“We recognize the urgent need for utilities and grid managers to stay ahead of EV load management challenges to ensure seamless operations," said Katie Parkinson, VP of Utility Solutions at Apex Analytics and Rolling Energy Resources. "This workshop will provide attendees with comprehensive insights and practical strategies to design and optimize EV programs right away when they get back to their utility."


The EV Managed Charging Workshop Series is open to utility professionals from various departments, including electric transportation, demand-side management programs and marketing, distribution and system planning, load forecasting, and rate design. While prior knowledge of utility operations would be beneficial, it is not essential for participation.

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Apex Analytics is a leading energy efficiency consulting firm for utilities committed to delivering reliable, sustainable, and innovative energy solutions to its customers. With a strong focus on EVs, optimizing grid performance and supporting the transition to clean transportation, Apex Analytics aims to empower utility professionals with the knowledge and tools needed for effective EV load management.

Rolling Energy Resources (RER) is the leading managed charging solution provider in the U.S., with over a dozen utility programs active in the market. With RER’s telematics solution, utilities can reach over 95% of electric vehicles on the road today. In addition, RER has deep experience in utility demand response and rate design programs can help utilities implement highly effective managed charging programs with either behavioral messaging or active vehicle control. 

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