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Apex staff have worked on a diverse array of projects in the past several years. A selection of some of our recent work is below.



From deciding what technologies and program design options to select, to filing and defending transportation electrification plans, to  evaluating the success of EV programs, Apex Analytics can help.

Building Decarbonization and Efficiency

Developing an informed building electrification and efficiency strategy.  Apex is a nationally recognized leader in forecasting, load shape development, program planning, and market research of building electrification and efficiency strategies. 

Pricing and Demand


Helping utilities and regulators develop dynamic pricing options for customers. 

Enabling Success in the Emerging Tech Frontier. At Apex, we're strategic navigators in the complex world of utility and regulatory landscapes, alongside guiding emerging technologies through 50 diverse regulatory environments, offering insights and leverage crucial for shaping markets, and unlocking new revenue streams.

Emerging Energy


Distributed Energy Resources/Infrastructure

Major shifts in building energy use can lead to major shifts in energy infrastructure. 

Equitable Program


Ensuring your programs reach ALL your customers. Our ethnographic fieldwork and primary research techniques can help you identify barriers to your programs reaching key segments of your customers.

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