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Scott Dimetrosky

Mr. Dimetrosky has been leading evaluation, planning, market assessment, and advising clients for over two decades.

Jane Colby


Ms. Colby has over 25 years of leadership experience in the energy industry, in which she has managed evaluation studies, market characterization assessments, market research studies, DSM planning and cost-effectiveness analysis, integrated resource planning studies, and wholesale power transactions.

Lauren Gage

Project Director

Ms. Gage leverages her experience as both a client and consultant of energy efficiency research.  She has over 16 years in the energy industry, most recently as the Evaluation Lead for the Bonneville Power Administration.

Katie Parkinson

Senior Associate

Mrs. Parkinson manages evaluation projects and conducts quantitative and qualitative data analysis and for a broad range of programs. Ms. Parkinson specializes in residential evaluations and evaluation oversight.

Noah Lieb


Mr. Lieb has over a decade of diverse utility industry experience, including energy software development, upstream fuels forecasting, database management, and managing residential impact evaluations.

Jon Koliner

Lead Data Scientist

Dr. Koliner employs cutting edge data analysis and evaluation techniques, drawing on his scientific background to tackle the most complex data sets and research questions.

Joe Van Clock


Mr. Van Clock has broad DSM program knowledge from ten years of evaluation and market research experience. He specializes in qualitative approaches that provide a deep understanding of customer decision-making and program experience.

Katherine Steward


Ms. Steward leverages her econometrics skills for impact evaluation of utility DSM programs and focuses on data-driven solutions to today’s energy challenges.

Dan Violette

Director and Senior Advisor

Dan Violette is a recognized industry leader in the areas of demand-side management and distributed energy resources (energy efficiency, demand response, electric vehicles, renewables and storage).


Office Manager

As the top dog in charge, Sarge spends his days wandering around the office, looking for areas of opportunity in both energy efficiency and treat procurement.

Apex staff