Energy Efficiency Manager, Southeast Utility

“Thank you so much for your support last week at Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange. It was great to see you and I feel very fortunate to have you on my team!”

Senior Program Manager,

Nationwide Implementer

“Apex has been active and instrumental in our internal and external conversations around [the utility's] evaluation activites from the gross evaluation, net to gross, and to these recent EUL conversations.”

Evaluation Manager, Midwest Utility 

“[Apex compiled] the most comprehensive set of data we’ve ever seen on this topic”

Principal, Northeast Energy Consulting Company

“I really appreciate your thoughtful, objective, analytical, yet practical approach to the thorny EM&V discussion. I think you are among the best at what you do.”

Senior Program Manager, Midwest Utility

“I trust your expertise and know that our program is in good hands with your leadership, so thank you for all of your management on our program!”

Market Research and Evaluation Project Manager, Northwest Program Administrator 

“We appreciate your breadth and depth of experience, skills, and knowledge of the lighting market.”

Energy Efficiency Manager, Southeast Utility

“Your advice and work on this was invaluable, as usual!”

Evaluation Project Manager, Northwest Program Administrator

“The Apex team was super responsive, thoughtful, and went the extra mile.”

Program Lead, Northeast Utility 

“Our Program Manager told me that he thought the report was very well written, and much of that is thanks to you!”

Evaluation Analyst, Northwest Program Administrator

“The memo is great and gave us all the information we needed to move forward with developing a new program, which we’ll be rolling out this winter.”