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Emerging Energy Technologies

Enabling Success in the Emerging Tech Frontier.

At Apex, we're strategic navigators in the complex world of utility and regulatory landscapes, alongside guiding emerging technologies through 50 diverse regulatory environments, offering insights and leverage crucial for shaping markets, and unlocking new revenue streams. We’ve worked with EV, HVAC, and Thermostat emerging tech providers on the challenges of securing funding, scaling business, and independently verifying device savings and benefits. We dive deep into regulatory policy and energy efficiency, unraveling the complexities of evolving decarbonization efforts to carve out cost-effective, successful pathways for our clients. Our guidance is comprehensive – from decoding the intricacies of utility benefits and cost considerations to mastering the art of engagement within multifaceted stakeholders in the energy landscape.


Apex's insight extends to cutting-edge strategies, like leveraging funding, offering robust engineering counsel, and pinpointing design pitfalls with our field-hardened experience. We're not just consultants; we're connectors, linking our clients with influential industry insiders.

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