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Equitable Program Design

Ensuring your programs reach ALL your customers.

Our ethnographic fieldwork and primary research techniques can help you identify barriers to your programs reaching key segments of your customers.


Focus Areas

  • Identification and targeting

  • Barriers to participation

  • Non-energy benefits

  • Community-based programs

  • Understand hardship risk for at-risk populations


Questions We Answer

  • What are the greatest opportunities for efficiency in undeserved households?

  • What barriers prevent undeserved households from accessing programs?

  • What non-energy benefits do undeserved households gain from program participation?

  • How can programs best reach renters, non-English speakers, and other hard-to-reach populations?

  • Will certain pricing structures result in economic or health hardship for specific populations of customers?


Analysis Approaches

  • Demographic and geographic analysis

  • Observational research

  • Inclusive and innovative survey methods

  • In-depth interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Community-based research

  • Bill impact analysis

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