Caitie Nelson

Caitie Nelson Picture.jpg

Caitie Nelson is a Senior Analyst at Apex Analytics, where she brings her background in economics and statistic to quantitative and qualitative analysis to help clients uncover insights into their programs. She has worked with utilities nationwide for the past three years using her experience with survey design and analysis to help them reach customer satisfaction goals. Her past work includes statistical analysis, market research, process evaluations, and pilot evaluations.

Before joining Apex Analytics in 2020, Caitie was an analyst at ILLUME Advising where she conducted research on a variety of studies including non-participant, residential, and commercial research. She is proficient in survey design and methodology, survey analysis, in depth interviews, econometric modeling, and statistical analysis, as well as SPSS, R, and Excel for analysis.

Caitie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Auburn University and is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Economics with a concentration in Resource and Energy Demand Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.