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Distributed Energy Resources/Infrastructure

Major shifts in building energy use can lead to major shifts in energy infrastructure. Apex staff has worked with mixed asset virtual power plants, assessed infrastructure needs associated with electrification, and developed programs to promote distributed energy resources.

Grid Reliability Planning

Apex is currently assisting several New England utilities with their regulatory strategy on how to build and operate their grids of the future in order to meet multiple public policy objectives. Specifically, Apex is helping the utilities develop comprehensive plans that facilitate the following outcomes: improve grid reliability, communications, and resiliency; enable increased, timely adoption of renewable energy and distributed energy resources; promote energy storage and electrification technologies necessary to decarbonize the environment and economy; prepare for future climate-driven impacts on the transmission and distribution systems; accommodate increased transportation electrification, increased building electrification, and other potential future demands on the T&D system; and minimize or mitigate impacts on the ratepayers.

Non-Pipes Alternatives

Apex is engaged with a southwestern utility to assess alternatives to pipeline expansion on its natural gas system.  The project entails assessing the potential for energy efficiency and electrification to offset natural gas loads in a winter resort area of the system.  Apex conducted primary research to assess customers' willingness to participate and trade partners' readiness for a program. We used this information to inform adoption scenarios and the ultimate costs and impacts on both the gas and electric systems.

Battery Energy Storage Research

Apex conducted research of a pilot project for distributed energy resources (DERs) coupled with battery storage at customer sites to assess customer experience with the program processes as well as their battery systems. Key objectives included understanding why they participated, how they engaged with the energy monitoring app, how they used their new system, and their overall experience. 

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