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Emerging Energy Technologies

Enabling Success in the Emerging Tech Frontier. At Apex, we're strategic navigators in the complex world of utility and regulatory landscapes, alongside guiding emerging technologies through 50 diverse regulatory environments, offering insights and leverage crucial for shaping markets, and unlocking new revenue streams.

 Battery Energy Storage

Apex is currently working with a northeastern utility and its stakeholder groups to design tariffs for battery energy storage and incentives.

Emerging Tech

Apex is currently assisting several Emerging Tech providers with our regulatory and evaluation strategy to maximize growth opportunities and provide strategic advice like:

  • Product Strategies: Guiding companies in developing effective strategies to scale their products in competitive markets.

  • Engineering and Financial Assessments: Providing thorough evaluations of engineering designs, savings potential, and cost estimates for new products.

  • Proactive Engagement for Smaller Budgets: Offering tailored guidance for companies with limited budgets on proactive engagement with utilities and market actors.

  • Regulatory and Evaluation Expertise: Leveraging our extensive experience to provide insights into designing, evaluating, and planning for new technology companies to navigate utilities and energy efficiency providers.

  • Navigating Funding and Pilot Opportunities: Assisting in identifying and navigating various funding sources and pilot opportunities to support innovative energy solutions.

PG&E Voice Automation Project

PG&E’s Demand Response Emerging Technology (DRET) Voice Automation demonstration project (pilot) leveraged residential voice-assistant technology (i.e., Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker) as well as cellular telephone app functionality to engage with and educate residential customers on energy usage, bill forecasts, and time-of-use (TOU) rates. The evaluation conducted by Apex Analytics focused on analyzing data collected by the Energy Expert app and Alexa smart speaker, studying participant energy usage changes following usage-related notifications, and conducting a process evaluation to understand customer perceptions, interactions, and feedback on the app and smart speaker’s usability and features.

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