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Jordan Mann




Jordan Mann has worked in the energy industry for over 10 years. During his career, he has led numerous energy efficiency program evaluations, qualitative research, and metering studies that quantify how people use energy.


At Jordan’s current role at Apex Analytics, he is focused on advising utility and government clients on building energy efficiency, beneficial electrification, and electric vehicle usage. Jordan solves difficult engineering and data science problems with his clients to help with evaluation, program planning, potential modeling, and assessing grid impacts. Jordan led the 2022 Xcel Energy Colorado potential study and 2021 Xcel Energy New Mexico potential study.


He is currently working with a western utility to analyze non-pipes alternatives for their natural gas system as well as serving as the technical lead for a Canadian utility’s ongoing natural gas and beneficial electrification potential study. Jordan has served in abroad range of roles including leading analyses, managing projects, and developing custom analysis tools and capabilities.

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