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We develop and apply customized models or work with client models to help organizations track and forecast important metrics such as savings goals, carbon impacts, customer segments, technologies, and earnings mechanisms.

Apex consultants have a deep understanding of DSM program administration and implementation from our roles in policy support and as evaluators, and we pride ourselves in assisting program administrators with short-and mid-term program planning.


Apex staff have developed four consecutive tri-annual DSM plans for a consortium of three Colorado gas utilities - Atmos Energy, Colorado Natural Gas, and Black Hills Energy - and are currently developing the 2022-2025 Energy Efficiency Plan for ComEd. Each plan includes developing a measure database for all potential DSM measures, selecting which measures to include in programs, designing the incentive structures and program strategies, running program cost-effectiveness models, and preparing regulatory filings.




Apex staff have managed potential studies in Arkansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. We have developed, reviewed and finalized all data collection instruments and sampling plans, and led discussions to come to consensus among stakeholders regarding key methodology discussions, including the approach to estimating achievable potential under various spending scenarios.



Apex staff have leveraged our evaluations of numerous midstream and upstream programs (including lighting, HVAC, and appliances through the Retail Products Platform) to assist program administrators with optimal ways to incentivize manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and contractors.

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