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Electric Transportation

From deciding what technologies and program design options to select, to filing and defending transportation electrification plans, to  evaluating the success of EV programs, Apex Analytics can help.

Time of Use EV Rate

Apex performed a load analysis to assess the impact of time-of-use rate structures on peak and off-peak periods and to see if overall electricity use increased or decreased. Impact estimates were calculated for each hour of the day, by rate period, at a daily level and by day-type.

Electric Vehicle Efficiency

Apex is working with a client to characterize an efficient electric vehicle (EV) option for use in potential programs. Our approach consists of characterizing the EV market by analyzing, for a wide range of vehicles and from publicly available information, the market shares of EVs currently in use in the Northwest, their rated efficiency data, and physical attributes of these vehicles that tie to efficiency. We are combining this analysis and comparing it against actual energy usage by vehicle type using real-world driving conditions across a variety of climates, purchased through our software subsidiary, Rolling Energy Resources. 

Multifamily Charging Study

Apex conducted a geographic analysis of public charging locations and their proximity to multifamily properties in the City of Colorado Springs.

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