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Aimee Savage

Senior Associate


Aimee has nearly a decade of experience evaluating a variety of utility programs and pilots. She specializes pricing program evaluation where she uses regression analysis of AMI data to estimate demand reduction and conservation effects. She also uses her analytical skills to measure customer bill impacts and enrollment trends. In cases where a randomized controlled trial is not a viable option, Aimee uses statistical techniques to develop suitable comparison groups for evaluation purposes. Aimee also has extensive experience estimating and validating energy and demand savings from large-scale behavioral programs, such as home energy reports and other neighborhood comparison programs. She is regularly involved in the design and sampling of treatment cohorts for the HER programs she evaluates. As part of her behavioral program evaluation work, Aimee estimates joint savings across multiple energy efficiency programs. In addition, she has measured the persistence of related treatment effects for multiple HER programs. Aimee holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Puget Sound.

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